Obvious Ways to Manage Your Time

We all get off track from time to time...me more than others. I will drop anything to make a painting or craft some jewelry before paying bills. So I have some up with a list of thing that I need to repeat to myself 100 times a day...

1. You have DVR stupid, record the show and watch it later.

2. Get your butt off the couch and do something. You are tired because you are doing nothing.

3. Your kitchen island is messy because you never finish anything. When you pick up your craft stuff and put in your craft room DON'T get distracted by all the crafty things you would rather play with. Finish cleaning off the damn counter!

4. Stop putting off things that NEED to be done. Put off things that are elective. Bills trump ice cream.

5. Mail is intimidating. I MIGHT use that Bed Bath and Beyond coupon (NOT)! Find a place for your bills, your save pile and instantly trash junk or unwanted mail. Oh yeah... USE the place you created.

6. If it makes your house look cleaner then you probably should do that before whatever else you are doing.

7. Dog stuff (pills, treats, grooming stuff, leases) need to go off the counter. I don't care how often you use them, My dogs (all 4) need daily meds...still put it up. This also goes for MY meds...no one needs to see my melatonin and migraine meds.

8. Start with the smallest most important "other thing" and do it first. Once you see you are making small victories, hopefully you will be inspired. HOPEFULLY!

9. You don't need 15 candles on the kitchen island. But they smell good! Are you burning them? No. Well then put them away... O.k. I'm finished with that conversation.

10. Stop writing this blog post, just to waste time, instead of scanning your receipts into your bookeeping software and clean off the damn island!

Bonus... Tchotchkes  are evil and I think they multiply like gremlins.


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