Altered Mother's Keepsake Book Holder

My mother had a prized possession when she was a young lady. A watch pin. She wore this watch pin everywhere. It was her pride and joy. In all her hold photos she can be seen wearing this beautiful pin.

Fast forward 50 years.
The watch no longer works, it is tarnished, but still magical.
She gave it to me.

I decided it need a beautiful altered throne.

I purchased a kids board book from the dollar store and cut a nitch into it.
Cut each page individually and then glue the edge of the book, no need to glue every page to the next. I then covered it with hand made paper and print out of my mom wearing the watch pin.
Add embellishments.

I didn't want to glue the pin inside and possibly damage my family heirloom so instead I added a ribbon in the book to attach the pin.

I love it!


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