Memorial Glass, Polymer Clay and Resin Ornament

I'm going to be honest here... it has been a shitty past couple of months.
My mother died.
She was 92 and other than having issues with her vision, she was in perfect health. She lived alone and had a stroke 2 weeks before my birthday... that was shitty to start with...
It seemed she would recover from the stroke but then she contracted pneumonia and had another stroke. We were told she would continue to have strokes, so we placed her in hospice and watched her slowly die.
It sucked... It sucked big time!
She lasted an amazing 2 weeks in hospice and died exactly 1 month after her stroke.
She was buried 3 days before my Dad's birthday, who died when I was 8. Oddly enough, he died 4 days after her birthday.

So this craft is a memorial ornament for my mom.
Warning...You may see a lot of memorial projects in the next year from me, so get prepared...

See the whole tutorial here

Tanya Ruffin



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