Painted Reindeer Wine Glass

Painted Wine Glasses are all the rage and I have seen them from upwards of $50 each on Etsy.
YOU can easily create your own at home! or you can take a class at Create Studios.
All you need is some Multi-use paint (Make sure it says it is for glass) and a liner paint brush as well as a larger brush. You might even want to invest in a black glass paint marker.

Almost any design you want you can paint using this simple tip...


Print out the design from your computer and tape it inside the glass.

Tada!!! Simple, right?

Well, some stuff like the mouth, the eyes and the shading you will have to wing, but it should be fairly easy.

Don't stress, start with something easy like a Christmas tree.

Make sure to follow the directions about baking and you should have a blast doing it!

Now go out there and paint some glasses!


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