CHA Mega Show Cre8time Tips- especially for the newbie.

Things to consider when you are going to the CHA Mega Show.
Especially for a MEGA NEWBIE

  • Make connections! You need to make an effort to meet people.
         One of the first people I met sitting in the lobby I still connect with yearly!
  • Be nice! You will never know who you are standing in line next too or pushing passed. If someone wants meet you or introduces themselves to you, at least be nice.
  • Share information with others. This is a big enough pond for all the little fishies to swim.
  • Volunteer for things!  You meet the most people when you are helping out.
  • Don't bring a backpack! You will be exhausted stopping to put stuff in your backpack. Bring a rolling cart instead. I learned this the hard way.
  • Bring lots of business cards.
  • Have your elevator spiel down. Lots of people will ask what your business is about. Be prepared.
  • Bring a refillable water bottle. Fountains and water coolers are all over the place.
         Colas can get expensive.
  •  Bring snacks.
         There is a convenience store a block away, go stock up and bring some with you to the conference. The snacks at the convention center are good but pricey.
  • Coffee up ahead of time.
         The Starbucks line in the morning is as long as the Best Buy line on Black Friday.
  • Booze and Business.
         Schmoozing and Boozing is best done in the bar at the Hilton. It is a great place to meet people. If you see me act real excited to meet me so everyone else will think I am famous. 
  • Flying into Santa Ana is often just as cheap as flying to LAX.
  • Buy your airport shuttle ticket ahead of time. They run about $17 round trip.
  • Downtown Disney looks like it is walking distance from the Convention Center, but trust me, it isn't! Take a shuttle. You can buy a day or a week pass or cheap. There are great restaurants and shopping there.
  • If you haven't figured it out yet, bring comfortable shoes.

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Tanya Ruffin



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Lisa Fulmer said…
Thanks for being part of the See You at CHA Blog Hop!
Your do and don't list is awesome. It's something that everyone should be aware of if it's their first time to the show. I'm a paper crafter who uses my "must have" tool, my die-cutting machine, every day. I'm so addicted to crafting that I craft every day, and some times all day long! I may not post to my website every day, but you can count on me crafting daily. I've encouraged others to participate in the CHA blog hop through tweets at . Have a wonderful time at the show!
I use my die cutter daily too!
Jean said…
Wonderful hop! My go to is adhesive - liquid, dots, runners. Can't do anything without it.
Alexia Misso said…
Can't live without my paper trimmer, precise and heavy duty cut! Have a great time at CHA!
Seth said…
Great tips Tanya!

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