Making Moss from Spray Sno #Cre8time

Starting out with a mason jar, Design Master's Sno Blast, Design Master Jade Tint, and Gold Shimmer Tint. Ceramcoat Turquoise, Ceramcoat Dark Brown and Ceramcoat Lime Green.

First thing is to spray the Jade tint inside the mason jar. Let dry

The spray around the bottom edge of the mason jar and up one side with the Sno Blast. Let dry.

Mix the turquoise, lime green and dark brown together.

Take a make up sponge and snip little bits out with scissors or you can use a sea sponge.

Sponge the color on the mason jar where the Sno Blast is.
Spray a little Gold Shimmer Tint.

The Sno Blast will give the texture of moss growth. 

Looks mossy to me!

Tie raffia around the top and add some beads and you are good to go. 

If you want to place fresh flowers inside, place a small votive candle holder inside or a shot glass to fill with water. You could also coat the inside with Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge. 

Go Craft Your Own Way!



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