DIY Etched Mercury Glass

This month I am participating in an Etchall Blog Hop.  You can go to the Designer Crafts Connection blog for an Etchall coupon and to visit the other blogs participating in this hop. But first, check out mine!

Supplies needed:
Clear glass mason jar
Etchall etch cream and squeegee
Adhesive Stencil
Paint brush

Start with a clean clear mason jar. Make sure the inside of the jar is completely dry. 

I taped a plastic bag around the outside of the jar to save the jar from overspray.
You then spray several coats of the Looking Glass paint INSIDE the jar. let each coat dry. Whenever you like the look, stop spraying (you could spray the entire can on the jar!) I liked the effect after 4 light coats. It will pool up in the bottom so I turned it upside and let it run out. This is what gave it the mercury glass look. You can also spray vinegar inside to get more streaking but I was happy with this effect.

Just the right amount of mirror effect!
You can see the streaks from the paint running on the inside, it give the perfect mercury glass effect!

I then used a cameo machine to cut my stencil on Oracal 651 vinyl. 

If you would like this design for personal use, you can download it here.

Sorry, took this photo after I washed off the etch cream
I used scraps of vinyl to tape around the edges of the stencil. 
Following manufacturer's directions, I applied Etchall cream and used the squeegee to cover all of the design. 

After 15 minutes I used a paintbrush to pick up as much as I could and return it to the bottle. I then rised the remainder off in my STAINLESS STEEL sink. 
Remove your stencil and ta-da!

I love this project. With only a little more effort you can make that mason jar really shine.. (moon shine, get it ? - ha ha)

This works great to make a decorative piece or a votive holder. But do not put water in this for a vase- the paint will come off. I would put another small container inside if you want it to hold water. No, painting the outside with the Looking Glass paint won't achieve the same effect. It must be painted on the backside to have the mirror effect on the front. 
I may experiment with some resin on the inside to see if that will waterproof it.

*Disclosure: I received free product from Etchall to make this project. All other products were my own. *

Go to the Designer Crafts Connection blog and grab a coupon code for a discount on Etchall and make sure to visit all the other blogs in this hop!

Now go on and craft your own way!

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maria soto said…
love the effect you got with that spray. lovely
Steph Ackerman said…
Such a pretty effect.
Annmakes said…
It looks so cool!
Fun project and technique! Looks cool!
LOL! Love the sentiment! Very cute project!

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