DIY 3D Painting Using Stencils

I've got to share some something fun I made last week and where I got my inexpensive supplies!!

Use a MDF piece of art from Dollar Tree or canvas.
Spackle (I found some at Dollar Tree too)
Acrylic Paint

Take your canvas or MDF art and gesso the surface. Completely cover any printed images. 
Let dry.

Find a stencil you like and position it on the canvas/ wood and using a putty knife, or expired credit or gift card, ( I just folded some card stock to make a faux credit card) spread the spackle over the stencil. You can position your stencil to hang off the page like I did with the fleur de lis.
Let dry. Pick a quick dry spackle if you are impatient, like me.

While your spackle is drying, wash off your stencils.

Then paint with acrylic paint. 
I dabbed my finger tip in the white acrylic and rubbed over the raised areas. 

This is a quick and easy way to use all your stencils that you can't think of what to make with...

Dig Through Your Stencil Stash!

You Can Craft Your Own Way!


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