I love all things 13.. And this year my birthday was on Friday the 13th- so of course, I had to share my Thirteen favorite pumpkin crafts!!

Ranked by difficulty

2. Duck Tape Pumpkin by Sophistishe

3. Distressed/ whitewashed pumpkin by Tidbits

4. Crochet Covered Pumpkins by Mod Podge Rocks

5. Concrete Pumpkin by Hometalk

6. Bling Pumpkin by Swell Designer

7. Simple Sharpie Pumpkin by boxy colonial

8. Puffy Paint Pumpkin by
I Love To Create

9. Sharpie Drawing Pumpkin by
Ashley Hackshaw

10. Corpsing a Pumpkin by Tanya @Create Studios

11. Black Cat Pumpkins by Sunset

12. String Art Moon Pumpkin by Michael’s

13. Day of the Dead Pumpkin by Casa Artelexia

Go Craft Your Own Way!



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