DIY a Custom Garbage Can with Sharpie

Did you know you can easily customize a garbage can with a Sharpie marker? Well, you can!
All you need is a garbage can, a pattern and a few sharpies (I used 2).

I have a teaching art studio in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and in my old location I painted a Zebra rug on the floor and to match I purchased a white garbage can from Walmart and Sharpie markers.
I downloaded a zebra pattern (you can use this one), as a guide. And started coloring.

Start with a clean garbage can and just start drawing out your design and then coloring in. It took about an hour or two to do it all the way around. And don't skimp while you are coloring. Do small, tight overlaps. If you try to do long sweeping strokes, you won't have good coverage and you will see lines. The markers also give it a nice shine. 

I have had mine painted for over 6 years and I have only touched it up once or twice (when I spilled paint on the side of the can and had to scrub it and the marker got lighter).

These photos are from now (6 years later). Yeah, I know my floor is dirty, but it is an art studio for Pete's sake. :)


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