How to Paint a Crawfish on a Wine Glass

Crawfish season is HUGE in the deep south and now that Easter has passed everyone will be chowing down on these popular mud bugs. For those times when you don't want you hands coated in juicy goodness, you can pay homage to the crawdad by drinking out of this beauty!

Today's lesson is how to paint whimsical crawfish on wine glasses using Folk Art Enamel Glass Paint or Folk Art Multi-Surface paint.

Red Paint- Enamel or Multi-Surface
Orange Paint- Enamel or Multi-Surface
Black Paint- Enamel or Multi-Surface
Wine Glass
Paint Brush
*Oven (optional)

Step 1: Clean your glass surface with water or glass cleaner. Towel dry
Step 2: Paint your design- Tip- Load your brush with color for this project and try to paint in one stroke. The slickness of the glass will simply push the paint around instead of layering it. Paint a thick stroke and when that dries, you can go over it.
Step 3: Allow painted item to dry for 24 hours.
Step 4: Place project in a cool oven. Your glass needs to heat gradually, so if you place your glass in a hot over, your glass will shatter!
Step 5: Set oven temperature to 350ºF.   Once temperature has reached 350ºF, allow the project to bake for 30 minutes.
Step 6: After 30 minutes, turn the oven off and let glass cool down completely before removing. 

Now the glass is Top Rack WORTHY!

You can also let the glass air cure for 21 days. These are NOT Top Rack Worthy!

I teach this project in my studios, Create Studios, in Baton Rouge Louisiana. I call it one of my zero skill set required classes! So, give it a try!

Tanya Ruffin
Create Studios


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