How to Relax and Paint Serendipitously

  1. occurring or discovered by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

    "a serendipitous encounter"

How do you just relax and paint? It can be hard sometimes, but this exercise allows you to enjoy painting with less stress. I call it Serendipitous Painting!

  1. Start with a clean canvas a glue random shapes of patterned paper. Scrapbook paper works great. Let dry.
  2. Fill in the empty spaces with different colors of paint. You can also paint over some of the scrapbook paper. Let dry
  3. Using stencils and texture paint, add some texture to the painting. Let dry
  4. Add splatters and drips. You can turn the canvas upside down, sideways. There is no up or down right now.
  5. Pick the section of the painting you like the most.
  6. We use stencils in the class but you can free hand a simple shape. Once your shape is drawn you may decide you need more that one (Odd numbers work best). 
  7. Paint out everything BUT the shapes. You will be painting over the background. I use white but you can add other colors in as long as it really contrasts the shape.
  8. Tada, you are done. You just serendipitously created a piece of art!
I use Folk Art Paints- they can be purchased on Amazon

This is a class taught at my studios space, Create Studios, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Now go craft your own way!


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