Are you stuck in Facebook Business Manager and you want out? Try this.

Have you ever tried to share a post to your business Facebook page only to not have the option- then you discover for some unknown reason you now can only access your Facebook Page through Business Manager or download the Facebook Pages app???

All I want is to share a post on my page from my mobile device like I have done a thousand times before. And I know (to channel my Mama) damn good and well I didn’t change anything. Basically, you want to use your personal account to manage business activities on facebook. Why the hell Facebook makes this so hard to figure out is beyond me.

All my searching for answers came down to only one solution- delete Business Manager… problem is that it gave me the error that it was associated with my Instagram account and the only way to resolve it was to change my business Instagram account to a personal Instagram account. Well, what if I don’t want to?

Basically, Facebook is telling me, you have to choose the lesser of two evils… Instagram or navigating Facebook easily. That is ridiculous!

This is what I have found out is the fix that worked for me without screwing up all my accounts-

If you are stuck in Business Manager land and you want out, but Facebook won’t give you the Golden ticket, then do this… Go to Business Manager and then click the settings option in the bar- This is where I would get lost READING direction because there are so many damn places where there are settings and you just get lost!

( You can click the images for the full-size version)

From here you get to this section… you want to click Business Info.

#2, Click Edit in the top right.
#3. Under Pages and Notifications, you want to Toggle it to ON
#4 Under MY Info section at the bottom you want under Pages and Notifications to read ON. Mine said Not available because I had not done #3 yet… Make sure #3 stays as ON. I had to then click Edit under #4  and select ON-
I clicked Save and it went back to Off several times before I got it to stay ON. 

You do have to sign completely out of Facebook and log back in before you see the changes. Don’t be lazy and just close the tab and open it back up- it will remember. If you can actually close the browser completely and then log back in- even better.

Now I don’t have the dreaded Must Login to Business Manager shit. AND I see my pages back on the left side. 

I can again share from my profile page to my business page. It instantly corrected itself on all my mobile devices. I now have the option to share On Your Page and then I can select my page. 


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