How to Paint Glass with Gallery Glass and Crystals

Glass (used old picture frame)

Gallery Glass
Glass Chips (Darice)
Initial print out ( tile printed)
* Optional- resin ( Alumilite Clear resin)

The first thing I did was take the backing out of the frame and glue the glass into the frame using
E6000; you can also use a silicone caulk. What's this is cured you can now start painting your design

While you are waiting for your glue to cure you can design and print out your image. You can use the tile print option to print larger than your paper. You'll have to refer to your printer settings to figure out how to do this for your particular printer.

Once you are ready to start painting, tape your print out to the back of your piece of glass and start tracing your design using the Gallery Glass .
TIP- You do not need to use the liquid leading. Gallery Glass is thick enough that it will hold its own shape.

Work quickly.

You can sprinkle the glass chips into the wet gallery glass. If your gallery glass lines are not thick enough to hold a glass chip then you may want to opt for coating with a layer of resin in the last step. You may want to use resin ( see below).

Check out your crafts stores near the artificial flowers. You will find lots of shells and glass that are packaged as vase fillers.

Once you have sprinkled your glass chips into your paint, you can let cure.

I came back the next day and poured a thin layer of Alumilite Clear resin. This gives you another
opportunity to sprinkle in more glass chips, shells, pebbles, etc…

Let cure overnight and you are done!

Once you are comfortable with this technique you can begin mixing colors and painting more
detailed designs!


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