Mardi Gras Beaded Easter Decor

Mardi Gras and Easter go hand in hand so its only natural that I repurpose Mardi Gras beads into some Easter Decor.

Plastic eggs from Dollar Tree
Acrylic paint
Folk Art Glitterific in neon pink and neon lime
Folk Art Dragonfly Glaze -Full spectrum
Glue gun and lots of hot glue
Flowers, foam glittered eggs and whatever you want to place inside.


First I purchased 1 big easter egg and a bag of smaller eggs from Dollar Tree.

Gather your beads and a ton of glue sticks because you will be a hot gluing fool.
First I painted the outside of the big egg purple. Any acrylic paint will do.

I started hot gluing the beads to the egg. I had originally planned to be able to open the egg but that was soon derailed. The weight of the beads made it difficult to put the egg back together since it warped it just enough to no longer fit together. So I decided to make it a shrine of sorts. Another visit to Dollar Tree had my cart full of 2 mini artificial lavender plants, 2 easter sprigs, and some foam glittered eggs.  Now I am ready to continue. 

They look awesome!! Then I added Folk Art Glitterific Green and Pink to the beads to give them some extra sparkle. OH MY, the amazing chunky glitter in the Glitterific lives up to its name. I even painted pink inside the eggs. I also added some Folk Art Dragonfly Glaze- full spectrum- that's why you see pink and green also on the blue beads! That sh*t is da bomb!

Now to put it all together. I first had to figure out how to make this stand up. I glued some glass flat backed stones together and what do you know, it worked!

Now it is much easier to glue in the lavender pot, flowers and eggs. 

So cute!! And they look adorable from every angle!

Oh yeah, I made some tiny eggs too. Well, they aren't that tiny.  
They are actually on the front porch of my art studio now!

Now, go and craft your own way!
Tanya with Create Studios

Disclaimer- I was gifted Glitterific and Dragonfly Glaze from Plaid Enterprises. 


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